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Making a League for the World Cup in Qatar

From November this year, the World Cup will finally take place again. Millions of people around the world are looking forward to it. This World Cup is the 22nd edition and will take place in Qatar. Due to the high temperatures, this time, the tournament will not be held in the summer months but in the winter months.

The 2022 football World Cup is guaranteed to be fun for everyone. Because one thing is certain: the matches will be exciting anyway. Are you a real 'thrillseeker', and do you want to make it even more exciting for yourself? Then organize a group. This allows you to predict the results and compete against, for example, your colleagues, family or friends. Who predicts the results best?

Creating a league for the 2022 World Cup

How many matches do you think a particular team will win during the 2022 World Cup in Qatar? Make the best possible prediction and pass it on to your group. You then do this for all matches of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. From the group stage and the eighth finals to the final.

In addition to predicting the winner, you also score extra points for guessing the correct number of goals. Did you correctly predict the goal difference? Then you get even more points. A maximum of thirty points can be earned per game.

Of course, you give your predicted result before the kick-off of each match. During the match, it is not possible to change your prediction. Fair enough, right? If your predictions match the results, you will receive points. The more correct predictions, the more points you get. Curious? Register for free!

Create your own World Cup group

Predicting the World Cup is a fun game to play with your colleagues, friends or family. Do you want to organize a league yourself? Creating a league via our website has many advantages. For example, you can see in one overview what the predictions are of each participant and where everyone is in the group.

Once the league has been created, it is a matter of waiting for the results. This is an exciting time for all participants. Because who can call themselves the 'best predictor of the group'? At the end of the tournament, all points are added together, and it is determined who has the most points. This person can call himself the proud winner of the 2022 World Cup football league.

Do you want to add an extra game element to your own World Cup group? Then reward the winner by offering great prizes. Think, for example, of a gift voucher, an electronic product or tickets for a football match.

Create a World Cup group

Is it starting to itch for you too? Organize your own group for the World Cup now. Invite your friends, family or colleagues and compete with each other. Predict the results of the World Cup matches with each other and face a competitive World Cup 2022. Not only on the field but also in your living room.

You can create a free 2022 World Cup league via tournamentfootball.co.uk. You can read how to do that under the heading 'Rules of the game'. Register now and invite your friends.


A Fantasy Football for your office?

Do you want an exclusive Fantasy Football for your company? That's possible! With a office fantasy you can make your pool as exclusive as you want. Add the colors and logo of your company, invite your colleagues and let them predict. To make things more fun, let teams and departments compete against each other for eternal fame!

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