How to Play

Welcome to Yosoku Games, we do all sorts of fantasy sports online. Obviously you are here to learn about Fantasy football, so let's crack on and learn everything about our system and how you can get everyone involved in major football tournaments from friends and family to the office.

What is Fantasy Football?

Here at Yosoku Games, we do fantasy football differently from what the UK is used to - our users predict real-life results from tournaments, such as the World Cup or the Euros, to earn points. These points add up throughout the football tournament and the one with the highest at the end is the winner, and with that title takes all the bragging rights.

How to Participate

It’s simple really, it only takes 4 steps:

  1. Set up an account on our page.
  2. Organise a league with your friends and family, skip this step if you alone want to compete with the rest of the UK.
  3. Set your predictions.
  4. Sit back and watch your points accumulate or not… 

To learn more about how the points are decided and the rules of the game click here

How to Organise a Fantasy Football League

With us you can easily and quickly create your own league. After you have registered there will be a ‘Organise League’ button, click it, then fill out the requested information. You come up with a nice name for your League, and then you can easily invite people via our site, as a link will be provided to share to anyone you want to join - or click one of the social media buttons to easily share on your social platforms. We keep track of the points so that you and your group of participants can see your own ranking.

How to Predict Fantasy Football

Once you have completed registration, you can then start filling out all your predictions - from group stages right through to the finals. There are even some bonus questions, like ‘Who will be the top scorer?’, to gain a chance at grabbing a couple extra points to claim victory. 

There is no set way for best predictions, you could get all analytical and look at individual player performance, team history, etc but the aim is to have fun….mostly.

Why is Predict Fantasy Football Better?

Well we believe it can be more inclusive, as there are no limitations on what players you have, how much money you have and all that stuff that comes with the normal UK football fantasy league scene. Instead everyone has the exact same chance at winning, if you have more knowledge around football it can make a difference, but with any big football tournament anything can happen. 

Everything is easier! It’s easy to set up, manage and to include those around you. Which makes it more fun as the more people you can involve, the higher the bragging stakes become.

What is Excel Fantasy Football?

There are two reasons someone would use an excel sheet for fantasy football, one being to collect data to make accurate predictions. The second reason is to create a friendly prediction league amongst friends and families.

Using an Excel sheet for fantasy football prediction is all about collecting data to help guide you in your predictions of future tournaments. Let's remember you can't swap out personal judgement over data analysis.  Data analysis simply organises Fantasy football stats into useful information.  With this information, we can apply our judgement to make sound decisions. 

Having an Excel sheet to create a prediction league for friends or family takes a lot of time to set up as you need to have a wealth of excel knowledge. Here at Yosoku Games, we have eliminated the need for this as we have created a free fantasy football predictions platform. It’s super simple to play and even easier to play with those around you. To join in click here

A Fantasy Football for your office?

Do you want an exclusive Fantasy Football for your company? That's possible! With a office fantasy you can make your pool as exclusive as you want. Add the colors and logo of your company, invite your colleagues and let them predict. To make things more fun, let teams and departments compete against each other for eternal fame! »