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About Tournamentfootball.co.uk

Dear football fan,

Welcome, so nice that you are interested in the World Championship and organising a football pool! Since my youth I have been organising a European and World Championship pools for friends, family and colleagues. The first time, in 1998, it was a pool on paper. Each participant had to properly predict the results of all matches, the countries participating in the knockout rounds and the champion. In addition, points could be earned with bonus questions. It was a big success! In the years that followed, I replaced the paper version with a web version. This gives each participant the opportunity to follow the battle in real time. That resulted in so many nice responses every time that I started to turn my hobby into my work; Koppa was born!

Koppa is now active in 15 countries worldwide. And in England too, Koppa is going to turn World Cup 2022 upside down with Tournamentfootball.co.uk. So invite all your friends, create a league for friends or make a Fantasy Football tailor-made for your company.

I hope that Tournamentfootball.co.uk will contribute to an awesome World Cup this year. Enjoy it, let the battle begin, and: may the best man / woman win!


Dirk / Founder Koppa