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Qatar 2022 World Cup aims to be the safest to date.

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Less than six months before the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar started at Al Bayt Stadium , the Security Operations Committee (SSOC) of the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy (SC) hosted the **Security Last-Mile Conference ** in Doha, Qatar. The event, which has attracted international participation, aims to highlight Qatar's readiness to host a safe tournament and promote greater cooperation between law enforcement in Qatar and worldwide.

More than 40 delegations representing the qualified countries participated in the opening day on Sunday, as well as representatives of the United Nations, FIFA , the SC , the Ministry of Defence , the Ministry of the Interior , the Internal Security Force (Lekhwiya), the ** FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 LLC** , Interpol and Europol , as well as representatives of other interested parties. The conference covered topics such as tournament overview, security risk assessment, security planning, security procedures at tournament facilities, cybersecurity requirements, and communication and cooperation with international partners.

In his opening remarks, Mr Abdulaziz Al Ansari , President of the SSOC, stated that the conference was the culmination of extensive coordination efforts between different parties that saw the exchange of resources and experience between different countries and law enforcement agencies. He added that the conference offers participants the opportunity to review security achievements and reaffirm the commitment made by the tournament organisers to celebrate the safest edition of the FIFA World Cup to date.

Eng. Al Ansari added: "The State of Qatar is ready to host the biggest sporting event in the world. Our country enjoys the highest levels of security, reinforced by a world-class police service. Qatar ranks first in all global security indicators, including an exceptionally low crime rate. Our ability to host large-scale safe events was recently demonstrated during the COVID-19 pandemic, where we were able to successfully manage a number of health and safety measures simultaneously."

"Qatar ranks first in all global security indicators, including an exceptionally low crime rate."

"Our security capabilities were also exemplarily demonstrated when Qatar hosted the FIFA Arab Cup in 2021. During the tournament, we demonstrated our preparedness in terms of security, logistics and organisation, testing our capabilities to organise a safe World Cup," added Al Ansari.

Al Ansari also said this week's conference is an important milestone as it represents the prelude to the FIFAโ„ข World Cup, which will be held from November 21 to December 18.

"A few months before the tournament, we felt it necessary to organise a conference that would bring together security experts from the sports industry and the participating countries to discuss and agree on practical plans for the event," added engineer Al Ansari.

He also stated that the conference would witness the signing of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Joint Declaration on the exchange of information between Qatar, as the host country, participating and non-participating countries, and relevant international organisations. It will also witness the activation of the Centre for International Police Cooperation (CICC), which coordinates procedures and the exchange of information between representatives of international law enforcement agencies of classified countries, representatives of international organisations and countries participating as observers to improve security during the tournament.

Simulation exercises

Qatar's readiness to host the FIFAโ„ข World Cup was also demonstrated during the "Watan" simulation exercise, in which Qatar's civil, military, and security authorities conducted a series of fictional exercises and training programs in engagement with regional and international countries, according to Eng. Al Ansari. It also renewed the State of Qatar's welcome to all and its willingness to cooperate with all parties.

Also participating in the opening ceremony was Helmut Spahn, FIFA's Director of Security , who stressed that the level of integration and collaboration that has been achieved with the FIFA Security Operations Commission for Qatar 2022 guarantees that the tournament will be held to the highest security standards. Furthermore, Spahn added that the State of Qatar had spared no effort in creating broad international cooperation, something FIFA has supported from the start.

He also noted that FIFA's human rights requirements had been integrated into all SSOC working mechanisms as part of a comprehensive working relationship with FIFA's security team. Spahn also reiterated that the main partners had adopted the plans laid out among the tournament organisers.

Spahn confirmed that participation in this conference, less than 200 days before the start of the tournament, confirms the importance of coordination and cooperation between international law enforcement agencies. He also noted that each host country faces its own security issues, as seen in recent tournaments in Germany, South Africa, Brazil and Russia.

The signing of the joint declaration

On the first day of the conference, the joint declaration on the IPCC between the State of Qatar and several relevant countries and organisations participating in the conference was also signed to exchange information.

Mr Abdulaziz Abdullah Al Ansari, Chairman of SSOC, Brigadier Ibrahim Khalil Al Mohannadi, Head of the Legal Affairs and Communication Unit, and Colonel Khalid Ali Al Kaabi, Deputy Head of the Legal Affairs and Communication Unit, signed on behalf of Qatar.

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I am absolutely delighted to hear that security issues are being treated as seriously as they are.
Friend of Qatar.




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