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Euros Betting Game

The European Championship takes place every 4 years in Europe and we are always looking forward to this spectacle. At the same time there is also the opportunity to participate in our Euros betting game and test your own football knowledge.

Unlike the World Cup, only 24 teams can qualify for the European Championship. However, since the teams in Europe are on average stronger, the European Championship is sometimes considered a more difficult tournament. Therefore, excitement and close results are guaranteed!

What is a European Championship betting game?

The Euro betting game is a game in which the goal is to guess as many correct predictions as possible about the outcome of each match. For example, if you think that your favourite team will win their first match with a score of 2:1, then enter exactly this prediction. If the result actually happens, you will receive points in the European Championship betting game.

The system counts up all points after each match and after each round. Whoever manages to collect the most points at the end wins the betting game and can be celebrated as the winner. This also increases the excitement at every Euros match and you have a lot of fun while betting. You can even play together with your friends or colleagues.

The registration for the Euros betting game is fast and free of charge.

Before you can start betting on the European Championship, you must first register at Tournamentfootball.co.uk. This works quickly and is completely free for you as a participant. After you have entered your name, email and password, you will receive a verification email in the last step. After that, you have successfully completed the registration process.

Now, if you would like to, add your friends or colleagues? They can also register free of charge for the European Championship betting game, so that you can have fun betting together. The more people join the game, the more fun it can be with your circle of friends. The game is also a lot of fun on your own.

This is how the European Football Championship betting game works

After successful registration you have direct access to your predictions. If you have not made any predictions yet, the progress will logically show 0%. The more games you predict and save, the closer you will get to 100%.

It is best to start chronologically with all group matches and make your predictions. Then select the teams that you think will advance to the knockout stage. Make sure you select the first and second correctly, as this will affect your score (more on this later).

You always have until the opening match to make all your predictions. After that, no more changes or submissions are possible to guarantee a fair game. The exact submission date will also be displayed on your page. Once you have submitted all your picks, you can sit back and enjoy the games with excitement.

This is how the points are calculated after each match

You can collect a total of 90 points per group match. The system evaluates various factors that influence the score. If you choose the correct winner, you will receive 48 points. The correct number of goals scored by the respective team will earn you 15 points each, and if you guess the goal difference correctly, you will receive another 12 points.

For the knockout stage, you will get even more points. As we briefly mentioned in the previous section, you also have to guess which team will be first or second in the respective group. For this, you'll get 65 points if you're completely right or 35 points if your predicted group winner will only be second.

Finally, there are bonus questions with which you can collect extra points. For example, you can answer who you think will be the top scorer or how many yellow cards will be given out in the tournament. So there are a lot of points to collect in many categories.

European Championship betting in a betting group with friends

Another feature on turnierfussball.de is the creation of a betting group. The advantage of this is that you only compete with participants within the group. So you can see very quickly and easily who is at which place in your group. This is especially good for typing with friends, or even as team building in the office.

All you need to do to organise a typing group is to give it a name and then invite all the participants. You can do this through various apps, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Or you can send the link to your typing group to friends and colleagues via email.

The typing group is initially created as a public group, so anyone can join without an invitation. However, if you want it to be a private group, you can change it by clicking on the group's profile. After that, joining is only possible with permission and uninvited guests will no longer have access. This is perfect if you want to keep the betting group in a small circle!

How to get an advantage in the European Championship betting game

In order to be successful in the European Championship betting game, you should use all the advantages to type in the most realistic results possible. To do this, you can first take a look at our article on the most frequent results in soccer. Of course, the results of the last European Championship & World Cup tournaments are particularly interesting, as they have the most relevance.

Likewise, betting odds of betting shops are a good indicator to estimate the current strength of a team. Often, betting shops know best which teams are favourites at the moment, as this is the only way they can make a profit. But it also doesn't hurt to consult with your friends and colleagues, as long as they are not direct competitors in the betting group, of course.

Conclusion: European Championship betting for the extra thrill

The European Championship soccer betting game is free and can be a lot of fun. It increases the excitement at every European Championship match, because suddenly you are much more involved. If you invite your friends, every game can become a thriller, depending on who bets on which team.

To increase the excitement and the stakes, you can even set prizes at the beginning that the winner can win. This provides the right thrill for every game.

Would you also like to take part in the Euros betting game? Then register now at Tournamentfootball.co.uk and look forward to the next European Championship.


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