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7 Tips and Tricks for Football Betting

Jennifer ·

You can do football betting as a pastime in which your personal gut feeling is put to the test. But on the other hand, you can apply systems and techniques to maximise your success rate. Here in this blog, we've listed some useful tips for football betting to increase your success rate.

The most important things about football betting :

  • Single and combination bets reduce the risk of errors
  • Double chances increase your probability of winning
  • Beginners love victory bets
  • Patient choice of long-term bets

A wide range of football bets

Especially for beginners, it isn't easy to gain an overview here. There are a lot of bets on countless details of a football match. You can place some bets before the game, and others can be placed live during the game

In addition, there are many technical terms.

The single bet

This bet accounts for a large part of sports betting. It's simple: you bet on whether team A or B wins the match.

The result bet

Here you also bet on the result. But, in contrast to the single bet, you bet on the exact final result, such as Liverpool - Manchester United.

The Combi Bet

Here, the use is divided into at least two results. All results must be typed correctly for the bet to be won.

The Double Chance Bet

In football, three results are possible: home win, away win or draw. The double chance bet contains the following options:

  • Home win and draw
  • Away win and draw
  • Home win and away win

It allows the weather to cover two out of three possible outcomes with one bet.

The long-term bet

Here you bet on a result that will occur in the distant future. For example, the tip on the German champion, the World Cup winner, or similar events.

How is the football betting profit calculated?

This is quite simple: The bet x the odds = the bet profit, more precisely, the gross profit.

7 Football Betting Tips and Tricks to Win Money

Even successful sports betting initially costs money. You should consider before starting betting how much money you can invest in betting. You should not bet with money that you still need to live. It takes time to develop from beginner to professional weather.

Betting with money you have saved for something important in your life increases the pressure. This negatively affects the results. A bet should not be more than two to five per cent of the bankroll. This is the most important football betting tips.

This marks the start of responsible betting. Here are more tips for successful performance in sports betting.

1. Don't get greedy

There is beginner luck. Don't start betting more because things are going well right now. Luck can turn anytime, and luck is always part of betting.

2. Do not play mathematical systems

Football betting tips say that if you have lost, you double the next bet. This system tempts you to take more risks when betting or even to bet with anger in your stomach – this is not a good idea. Every bet should be based on analysing the strengths and weaknesses of the participating teams.

3. Sports betting tips and tricks: gather knowledge

When betting, bookmakers and customers fight with each other. The advantage lies with the bookie because it has the profit margin and the odds. The bettor compensates for this with his expertise. He only bets on teams he knows well.

Whether all the important players are fit, how the team performs at home and away, and whether it appears differently in important games.

They also consider whether an important game is coming up, and perhaps the top players could be spared in the current game. The better the knowledge, the higher the chance of winning. Especially in the lower leagues, the chance of winning increases with knowledge.

4. No favourite bets!

Especially beginners tend to try their hand at favourite bets, which pleases the providers because they earn good money with it. Favourite bets are bets on games with teams such as Liverpool - Manchester United.

At first glance, it looks good because Bayern wins almost every game. But right here is the catch because the rate is correspondingly low. For example, with odds of 1.2, you win €2.00 with a bet of 10 euros.

Well, you could say that small cattle also make crap, but let's take a look at the following calculation:

Let's assume a stake of 10, - € and a quota of 1.2.

Then there is a net profit of 2, - Euro per bet.

Now things are going well, and Bayern is winning 14 games in a row. This increases the net profit to 28, - €.

Unfortunately, Bayern has lost their last three games. Thus, the bet of 30, - € is gone.

Thus, the net profit is eaten up, and if no other bets have been placed, the net profit has turned into 2, - € loss.

5. What do the football betting tips and tricks say about live bets?

Live betting is fun, but it's not for professional betting. This is because, for example, the odds on live bets are worse. In addition, you have to make decisions quickly, often within seconds. These quick decisions invite mistakes.

6. Take a close look at the betting odds

A good tip from the field of football betting tips and tricks is to compare the betting odds. At first glance, you might think: Why should I make such an effort because of a difference of 0.05? This calculation shows the answer.

Bets are placed 100 times, and for the sake of simplicity, we assume 100 wins.

10,- € x 2,1 = 21,- € x 100 = 2.100,- €.

10,- € x 2,15 = 21,50 € x 100 = 2.150,- €

The effort, in this case, would have brought 50, - € more profit.

7. Not too many games on the face

Combo bets are seductive, and they have higher winning odds. But since you have to have everything right for a win, the combination bet is associated with a high risk.

Conclusion: Football Betting Tips and Tricks [summarised]

There are many good football betting tips and tricks. But, never forget that a little luck is always part of it. So, never let a loss throw you off track.

Beginners should first deal with the many possibilities of betting. Then someone who wants to make money with football betting should be well-versed in at least one club. Next, the club should be analysed in detail. How do they play at home games, at away games, and at important games? How do they behave in games that are before important games?

Knowledge is the key to winning a bet. This is the right place for you if you prefer to participate in an exciting gaming game instead of betting.

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