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Football Betting World Cup 2022: This is Something to Consider When Submitting Bets

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The exciting Football World Cup (FIFA 2022) is coming up this year (2022). The sport is accompanied by varied football bets you can make during the World Cup. The games will take place at the end of 2022 in Qatar. But bets can already be made on the expected 2022 World Champion.

This is the first time FIFA will be played in winter, not in summer. The World Cup will start on November 21 and will be completed on December 18, 2022. The odds are impressive, and whoever bets on the ultimate world champion can make lucrative profits. According to bookmakers, the multiple world champion Brazil is particularly popular for the expected world championship.

Paid bets are worthwhile because you can win real money with the right bet. If you want, you can also just give a free tip on who will become the world champion.

Place long-term bets on the FIFA 2022 World Champion

Right now, long before the Football World Cup, football bets can be placed on the 2022 World Champion. The betting odds are relatively high at this time; thus, it is worth betting on the winner of the World Cup. If a bet is won, you can achieve high real money winnings.

Who will be World Champion 2022 in Qatar?

The World Cup is about choosing the new Football World Champion in 2022. Which country is capable of becoming a world champion? Can France defend its title? So far, only Brazil (1962 and 1958) and Italy (1938 and 1934) have been able to defend their titles.

Brazil, England, Germany, Spain and Argentina are the top favourites this year for the World Cup titles. Belgium, the Netherlands, Portugal, Italy and Croatia can also get involved in the fight for the World Championship. Fortunately, the Football World Cup in Qatar will not take place in the tropical summer but in the winter at moderate temperatures. In doing so, FIFA considered the interests of the players in particular.

The best bookmakers for Football World Cup 2022

With the best betting providers, you have the choice between World Cup participants with high odds. All you have to do is bet on the right winner of the World Cup. The bet offers exciting entertainment at the games of the World Cup. Recommended bookmakers offer fair odds, and there is a huge selection of bookmakers.

Interestingly, the odds are quite different. Many bookies have a particularly wide and extensive betting offer. So, take the opportunity and bet on the winner of all match encounters. If you are a newcomer to betting, you can even count on a new customer bonus that really pays off.

World Cup in Qatar โ€“ Who is there?

A total of 32 teams will participate in the final round of the 2022 World Cup. Qatar is automatically qualifying because it is the host. The distribution of starting places is as follows:

  • Africa: 5
  • Asia: 4.5
  • Europe: 13
  • North, Central America and the Caribbean: 3.5
  • Oceania: 0.5
  • South America: 4.5
  • Hosts Qatar: 1

Half places are additional teams via intercontinental deciding games.

The already confirmed finalists are Iran, Qatar, South Korea, Argentina, Brazil, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, England, France, Croatia, Netherlands, Switzerland, Serbia and Spain.

Football Betting World Cup โ€“ Venues

The venues have been reduced to eight stadiums as Qatar is a relatively small country. The World Cup matches will be played in the following stadiums:

  • Al-Chaur at the al-Bayt Stadium
  • Ar-Rayyan at Ahmed bin Ali Stadium, Education City Stadium and Khalifa International Stadium
  • Al-Wakra at the al-Janoub Stadium
  • Doha at Stadium 974 and al-Thumama Stadium
  • Lusail at Lusail Iconic Stadium

Football Betting World Cup โ€“ Broadcasting Rights

The broadcasting rights of the 2022 World Cup for all qualifying matches of the German team have been acquired by the private broadcaster RTL. In addition, selected games without German participation will be broadcasted on Nitro and shown on the streaming service DAZN.

Conversely, the final round can be shown on free TV via the public broadcasters das Erste and via ZDF. Deutsche Telekom also secured the broadcasting rights for the MagentaTV program. In Switzerland, the SRG-SSR broadcasters SRF, RSI, RTS and RTR accompany the qualifying matches of the senior national team. Football World Cup matches are shown exclusively on television, radio, and multimedia.

The broadcasting rights go to SRG SSR from FIFA. In Austria, on the other hand, all 64 World Cup matches are broadcast by ORF. This station owns all live rights to radio broadcasts, live streaming and video-on-demand.

Countless betting opportunities at the 2022 World Cup

You can bet not only on the winner of the 2022 World Cup but also on the top scorer and on a variety of other World Cup events.

Players are confronted with completely new conditions during the World Cup. Betting on a World Cup comes with a variety of challenges. So, players play with new teammates and with fewer training sessions against teams that are not known at all, and that is difficult to assess. Game locations are different. Long journeys and climatic changes also take their toll.

Bettors can assess the two teams' current conditions and forces much better than the sports betting providers themselves. Thus, many World Cup odds do not reflect reality, and the outsider teams are rated too weakly. Under certain circumstances, you can get capital out of the situation and benefit from high odds.

Place Football bets early and win more

Join all the Football World Cup matches and bet on the World Cup winner with high odds. There are lucrative football bets, especially now, because experience has shown that odds decrease with the time before the World Cup event. Many bookmakers already offer corresponding bets on the World Cup. So, bet on your secret favourite for the 2022 World Cup sooner rather than later to benefit from the best odds.

Conclusion: Bet on the Football World Cup or bet for free?

More and more betting games have been established as an alternative to paid bets with a focus on winning money. In the prediction game, the focus is not on money but on the joint typing of the results or tendencies. So-called "fantasy games" are also currently very popular.

The system of fantasy games has been enormously popular in the USA for years, and the fever is increasingly spreading in Europe. Prediction games and fantasy games are exciting ways to replay sports events with friends and colleagues and experience them from a different perspective.

For the World Cup this year, it is recommended that you participate in a free betting game in addition to paid bets. This allows you to compare your betting behaviour on two fronts. You will always stay up-to-date and get insight into how your colleagues and family members assess certain games.

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