Office Fantasy Football

What can do for you?

The idea of the is the same as that of There are a number of small adjustments. The office fantasy football can be held privately or publicly. The fantasy football will not be indexed on search engines and is behind a login screen. Also, only employees of your company can participate, because the e-mail address is strictly checked when registering.

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Individual and Departments

The funniest functionality of the Fantasy Football for companies is that not only the employees individually take on the battle, but also the departments. For example, there is an individual ranking where the best predictor of the company is at the top. But there is also a best department ranking, where the best department with the average score of the employees department is at the top.

Screenshots of the EURO 2020 Fantasy Football for companies

Check out the demo

Go and checkout the EURO 2020 Fantasy Football Demo and view all awesome features.

More information launched to provide a clear overview of all features the Office Fantasy Football has to offer. Check out the website for more information.

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